Bonnie Leaves Nicaragua through the Pacific

but rains and winds remain in the country

From the National Hurricane Center at 1PM ET on Saturday July 2, 2022

Rains are expected in the rest of the day on Saturday and part of Sunday after the passage of tropical storm Bonnie

By La Prensa

HAVANA TIMES – Tropical storm Bonnie left Nicaragua this Saturday morning, but the rains will continue in much of the national territory, according to the Observatory of Natural Phenomena (Ofena).

At the moment the center of tropical storm Bonnie left the southeastern zone of Nicaragua bordering Costa Rica, and entered the Pacific zone, the bands are going to continue moving over the Pacific zone generating precipitation,” explains the meteorologist Agustín Moreira, director of Ofena.

For the course of the afternoon and Sunday morning, the rains could continue, but not as aggressive as those reported at dawn this Saturday, according to Ofena.

One of the trees that fell on the Pan-American highway blocking access to the city of Rivas

Despite the rains reported on Friday night and Saturday morning, there is no saturation of the soil, says Moreira. “The amounts of water are very favorable, quite strong in some areas and weaker in others. In San Juan de Nicaragua we have had up to 75 millimeters (just under 3 inches) of rain and in the part of Rivas there are also reports of an accumulation of 76 millimeters,” explained the specialist.

Bonnie is now moving offshore Nicaragua, but parallel to the coasts of El Salvador, Guatemala and southern Mexico, a course that is expected to continue today through Tuesday. Rains are expected in those countries because of the storm.

According to the National Hurricane Center of the United States, Bonnie left Nicaragua at eight in the morning this Saturday. “Tropical storm force winds and heavy rains continue in Nicaragua and northwestern Costa Rica,” the NHC report reads.

Until this time of the morning (9:35 a.m.), the Nicaraguan Institute for Territorial Studies had not updated its report, nor had the Government reported on the damage in Rivas, which would be the department hardest hit by the tropical storm.

[Editor’s Note: In the coming days we will report on the damage caused by the tropical storm in Nicaragua.]

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