Boric Denounces at UN the Persecution of Nicaraguans

Gabriel Boric, president of Chile at the United Nations. Photo: Screenshot

The president of Chile once again used his voice to denounce at the UN the crimes and repression carried out by the Ortega Murillo dictatorship in Nicaragua

By La Prensa

HAVANA TIMES – The violations of human, civil and political rights exercised by the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo against Nicaraguans became relevant again this year in the General Assembly of the United Nations. Chilean president Gabriel Boric denounced the persecution of opponents and critics of the regime.

“I feel it is my duty, as I have spoken before other international forums, to denounce before this Assembly and the world the persecution that those who think differently from the government of the dictatorial regime of Mr. Ortega y Murillo, in Nicaragua, experience today,” said the president. during his speech at the world forum.

He denounced that Nicaraguans “are not only prohibited from participating in elections, but they are also deprived of their nationality, their homes are raided, and they are deprived of political rights.”

On August 31 of this year, 89 was the latest number of political prisoners in Nicaragua, according to data from the Mechanism for the Recognition of Political Prisoners, whose numbers are endorsed by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR).

Since 2018, the country has been in a political crisis due to police and paramilitary repression against all types of opposition, criticism or public demonstrations against the Ortega regime. This has implied the imprisonment of opponents, including university students, presidential candidates, former diplomats, journalists, media owners, even priests and bishops, such as the emblematic case of the bishop of Matagalpa, Monsignor Rolando Alvarez.

The tensions between Ortega and Boric

Boric is the Latin American president who has used his voice the most to denounce the crimes and repression that Ortega exercises in his country.

For this reason, Ortega has attacked him and his government. On September 12, Ortega called Boric “Pinochetito”, for, according to him, abandoning his promise of justice for the alleged repression of protesters in 2019 during the government of Sebastián Piñera.

The next day Boric responded to Ortega by calling him a “dictator” and said that he instructed his Foreign Minister, Alberto Van Klaveren, to present a note of diplomatic protest to Nicaragua, in defense of his country’s police institution which Ortega had criticized.

In various forums and on his social media accounts, Boric has expressed solidarity with the victims of repression in Nicaragua.

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  • He is complicit in romanticizing left-wing dictatorships. Dictatorships are Dictatorships. The political ideology of left or right does not matter. what matters is the individual freedom of the human being

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