Boric Welcomes Gioconda Belli to Chile for the Inauguration

“A tremendous honor to have you with us”

Gioconda Belli y Gabriel Boric

By 100% Noticias

HAVANA TIMES – Gabriel Boric, president-elect of Chile, welcomed the Nicaraguan writer Gioconda Belli who arrived in the country to participate in the inauguration ceremony on March 11th.  Boric said it is an honor to have the presence of Belli, persecuted by the Ortega-Murillo regime.

“A tremendous honor to have you with us Gioconda. A giant hug!” The president wrote on his Twitter account in response to Belli’s post.

The Nicaraguan writer and poet highlighted in a publication on her social network that after flying for around 14 hours she was ready to witness the new Chilean beginning with President Boric, for whom so many have great hope.

“After 14 hours of flight, I have landed in Santiago de Chile!! I am ready for this new Chilean beginning with President Gabriel Boric, in whom so many of us have our hopes,” Belli wrote.

Belli confirmed to 100% Noticias on February 25th that she was attending the inauguration of Gabriel Boric in Chile, after the new president extended a formal invitation, which was a surprise for her.

“It was a very pleasant surprise. I have sympathized with Boric for a long time since I saw him as a student leader in protests in Chile. It gave me great hope that he won the elections. He is a person committed to democracy with human rights,”,expressed Belli.

Likewise, the author stated that the invitation, both to her and fellow writer Sergio Ramírez, is a symbolic message to Ortega. Throughout history, writers have been persecuted, Belli said.

“Support for a writer is symbolic because it somehow represents the spirit of a people, that artistic part that exists beyond politics, which has to do with the humanity of the human being, with values ​​and ideals, with the idiosyncrasy of a people,” she noted.

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