Bradley Manning Gets 35-year Sentence

Bradley Manning

HAVANA TIMES – Army Pfc. Bradley Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking classified information to Wikileaks, reports Democracy Now on Wednesday

Manning faced a maximum of 90 years in prison after his conviction last month on charges of espionage, theft and fraud.

Manning’s sentence will automatically go the Army Court of Criminal Appeals, where he can seek a reduction of his prison term.

Manning has already served 1,293 days in prison since his arrest in May 2010. That time will be subtracted from the sentence.

3 thoughts on “Bradley Manning Gets 35-year Sentence

  • I still believe he is a traitor. Perhaps you misunderstood my feeble attempt at humor. Manning broke military law. He did not use his chain-of-command and delivered information to a third-party for the purpose of doing harm to his government. The length of his prison term is a matter for others to decide. His sudden public declarations surrounding his gender identity issues was clearly a ploy to gain sympathy from his military tribunal. Considering he was facing life in prison, it could be argued that ‘operation Chelsea’ was a success. How is that proof that I am a PAID government internet troll coming along?

  • You previously was CHEERING for Manning to get a long-term prision term because he ‘was a traitor’.

  • It will be interesting to follow how those anti-homosexual machista-minded Castro sycophants who have taken up the Bradley Manning cause as a means to poke a stick in America’s eye will continue to support Manning as he changes his name to Chelsea and seeks gender reassignment surgery at US taxpayers expense. Hey, there’s an idea: Let’s convert his legal defense fund into a surgery fund!

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