Brazil to Produce ‘Plaza’ Cigarettes in Cuba

HAVANA TIMES — The joint venture Brascuba SA will soon start production in Cuba of Brazilian “Plaza” brand cigarettes, reports the Cuban Information Agency.

The export manager of the entity, Ernesto Tabio, announced that in mid-2013 they will begin exporting the product to the South American country, the sole intended recipient so far.

The cigarette produced on the island will have the same characteristics as the one manufactured in Brazil, except it will use Cuban tobacco.

Tabio estimated the export volume to reach 500 million units by 2017, while at that same time the product is expected to gain consumers here on the island.

Brascuba exports to over 15 countries, though Spain as its main market, where it ranks as the fourth best-selling brand.

One thought on “Brazil to Produce ‘Plaza’ Cigarettes in Cuba

  • Great! Socialist lung and throat cancer! Excellent profits!

    Tobacco is a hundred times more deadly than heroine or cocaine. In some respects, socialist Cuba seems to have lost its way.

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