Brazil’s Bolsonaro Has Covid-19, He Thought He Was Immune

Jair Bolsonaro, center, at a July 4th celebration hosted by the US ambassdor to Brazil.  Two days later he fell sick. Photo: Twitter

HAVANA TIMES – Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has tested positive for Covid-19, he confirmed on Tuesday, reports dpa news.

The right-wing pro-military president, known by many as the Brazilian Trump, has for months dismissed the illness as a “little flu.” He is reportedly suffering from a fever, a cough and muscle pain, according to local media.

On Monday, Bolsonaro was seen in public wearing a face mask and reportedly told a supporter not to come too close to him.

Just two days before he attended a little July 4th luncheon hosted by the US ambassador in Brazil where he, the ambassador and the other guests showed their No Fear of Covid-19. 

Bolsonaro was photogaphed with his arm around his foreign minister Ernesto Araujo. US ambassador, Todd Chapman, was seated on the other side of the president.  Neither Bolsonaro nor Chapman nor any of the other men in the twitter posting was wearing a mask.

In recent weeks, the president was repeatedly seen in public without a face mask, which is compulsory in the capital Basilia, frequently hugging people and shaking hands.

Bolsonaro has so far shown great reluctance to implement measures to stop the spread of the virus. Last week, the 65-year-old vetoed legislation that would have mandated the use of face masks in schools, churches and businesses.

As of yesterday, Brazil registers over 1.6 million positive cases of Covid-19 and over 66,000 deaths.


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