Brutal Fest 2010: Metal in Cuba

Rock Concert at the Maxim Theater. Photo: Caridad

HAVANA TIMES, Aug. 29 — We’ve just received an announcement for the Brutal Fest 2010: Grand Fiesta of Metal in Cuba.  The event takes place from September 2-7 with concerts in Havana and Pinar del Rio.

The following is the complete press release:

Two years ago, on May 31, 2008, an unprecedented event in the history of rock in Cuba took place. On that day a dozen national metal groups were present at the Salon Rosado de La Tropical to promote the launching of the compilation “Not Salsa, Just Brutal Music,” published by the French label Brutal Beatdown Records. The concert turned into a veritable fiesta, specifically dubbed “Brutal Fest.” This was possible thanks to the joint effort of that record label and the Cuban Rock Agency (ACR). The attendance of more than 6,000 followers of the genre and the success achieved at the organizational level were reasons to conceive of the possibility of a repeat engagement.

As a result of the collaboration between ACR and Brutal Beatdown, the second edition of the Brutal Fest will take place this year from September 2–7. Running from Thursday September 2 to Sunday September 5, concerts will be held in the Maxim theater (the headquarters of ACR), which is located at 62 Bruzon Street, between Ayestaran and Almendares streets in the Plaza de la Revolucion municipality.

On September 7, Brutal Fest will transfer its venue to the western Cuban city of Pinar del Rio. On this occasion will be participating six foreign bands (Cardiac, Sedative, Deadly Sin Orgy, F.O.A.D., Destronork and Stortregn) together with four Cuban bands (Escape, Combat Noise, Ancestor and Jeffrey Dahmer).

These activities are occurring with the support of the Embassy of France in Cuba, Havana Club, Cuba Autrement and Los Portales.

Event details:

– Website of the Maxim Rock / Cuban Rock Agency:

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– Brutal Beatdown Records: tel. (+537) 794-2363 and (+535) 270-8437

– Cuban Rock Agency: tel. (+537) 877-5925