Bush Official Admits to Skimming Cuban Dissident Pay

HAVANA TIMES, Dec. 20.- Former Bush administration official Felipe Sixto pleaded guilty Friday to skimming off US $600,000 from a government program that funds Cuban “dissidents” to carry out their actions against the Cuban government. Working for the “Center for a Free Cuba”, one of several front organizations funded by Washington to destabilize Cuba, Sixto resigned his job as a special assistant to the president back in March.

Sixto allegedly used the now familiar tactic, -often employed by Pentagon suppliers-, of overcharging for simple items, like radios and flashlights in this case, under the guise of “promoting human rights, democracy and the rule of law in Cuba.”

When he takes office on January 20, President-elect Barack Obama will face the decision of whether to continue using hundreds of millions of taxpayer’s funds to try and create an internal opposition in Cuba or take the route of moving towards more friendly relations with the neighboring country.