Call in Mexico for Justice for Women & Transgender Community

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – Hundreds of protesters marched through the streets of Mexico City Wednesday carrying crosses bearing the names of murdered women, and demanding strong government action to end femicides. Mexico’s government reported at least 762 women were murdered between January and September of this year. But a recent report by Amnesty International found the true toll is likely much higher — with more than 10 women and girls killed daily across Mexico. Meanwhile, trans women held a ceremony in Mexico City Tuesday marking Mexico’s national holiday, the Day of the Dead. This is trans activist Kenya Cuevas.

Kenya Cuevas: “Historically, transgender women have been invisiblized. Our families exclude us. In the Mexican altars of our families, there will never be a picture of us. That is why it is crucial to place this altar, to vindicate the trans women who have died.”

Mexico has the second highest rate of reported murders of trans people, after Brazil, and just ahead of the U.S.

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