Canadian Aid to Cuba Blocked at US Border

HAVANA TIMES — The 23rd Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba is rolling, but hit a road block on Sunday when US Customs refused to let the Canadian aid, which includes medical supplies, wheelchairs, educational supplies and sports equipment, enter the USA from Vancouver.

According to Pacific Free Press, “a truck of aid was stopped at the West Coast Peace Arch Border Crossing and diverted to the commercial Pacific Truck Border Crossing with the excuse that the Caravanistas were transporting commercial goods and needed to purchase a bond to enter the US.”

“Following a noon press conference on Monday the Caravan members will again attempt to cross the border with the humanitarian aid,” notes Pacific.

For more information on the caravan to Cuba visit the Pastors for Peace web site.

Note: Shortly after publishing this post we received this information from Pacific Free Press. “Success! We won! The truck of aid has crossed into the US, without paying their bond, and with the sports equipment they were trying to stop from going to Cuba!”