Carlos Acosta Plans Cuba Performances

By Circles Robinson

Carlos Acosta at the end of Pierrot Lunaire. Photo:Scillystuff

HAVANA TIMES, May 21 — Dance idol Carlos Acosta brings England’s Royal Ballet to Cuba this summer for a series of special performances at Havana’s Grand and Karl Marx Theaters.

“For the first time ever the Royal Ballet will be taking the whole company to dance in Havana, Cuba during their tour in July,” states the dancer’s personal website:

Acosta said he worked with the Cuban government to organize the “historic event” that includes performances on July 14-18 of Manon (1974) by acclaimed choreographer Kenneth McMillan (1920-1992).

The dancer notes: “None of the McMillan ballets have ever been performed in Cuba. It is going to be a very exciting and unique experience both for the dancers and the Cuban people.”

When asked by CNN in a recent interview in Havana if he misses living in his country, Acosta, who resides in London said: “My heart is here, it’s where I belong. This is a place where I’m not a foreigner, because everything around the city belongs to me. When I come back it reminds me where I really come from.”

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  • Great news! I have also heard there is going to be a screen errected to show the mixed bill in Havana.
    Hopefully it might not be long before ABT and NYCB etc are able to tour Cuba!

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