Carlos Mejia Godoy Talks about the Protests in Nicaragua


HAVANA TIMES – The most representative of the Nicaraguan singer-songwriters, Carlos Mejia Godoy, creator of most of the songs used by young people at different times since the fight against the dictator Somoza, opens up in an interview with El Nuevo Diario about the current protests current in his country.

The video is in Spanish without subtitles.

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One thought on “Carlos Mejia Godoy Talks about the Protests in Nicaragua

  • Writing a novel about a Jesuit priest called to ministry in Ell Salvador during the mid 1980s, I came across Carlos Mejia Godoy’s wonderful, touching song “You are the God of the Poor” (Christ the Worker). I would love to use it in my book which I am self-publishing in a few months.

    How can I obtain his permission?

    Thank you from my heart.


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