Carromero arrives in Spain from Cuba

Transferred to a prison in Segovia

HAVANA TIMES — The Spanish politician Angel Carromero arrived in Madrid from Cuba on Saturday to serve the rest of his four-year sentence handed down on the island for his role in the traffic accident that killed Cuban dissidents Oswaldo Paya and Harold Cepero, reported dpa news.

Carromero, 27, a leader of the ruling Popular Party (PP) of Mariano Rajoy, arrived on a scheduled flight to Barajas Airport and was transferred to a prison in Segovia, north of Madrid. There he will undergo medical tests to determine if he remains imprisoned or serves his sentence under another regime.

The young politician was driving the car on July 22 in which Paya and Cepero were killed. A court in the city of Bayamo, near the place where the accident occurred, sentenced Carromero in October to four years in prison for manslaughter for “reckless behavior.”

A negotiation between Havana and Madrid made it possible for Carromero could be transferred to his country to serve out the sentence.

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  • The article in ZoomNews, citing “direct sources” has not be confirmed by any of the involved parties.

  • Michael N. Landis said: “He was going over 120 km/hr when he lost control.:

    Michael!! There is no proof of the speed that Carromero was driving because there was no radar gun nor was his attorneys allowed to view any of the evidence much like the world community and the Cuban people! What are the Castro brothers trying to hide? Interesting fact that several dissidents have had these types of “accidents” including Laural Pollan and Oswaldo Paya himself several times prior to their deaths. Interesting facts captured on this video don’t you think? Today the Spanish news site ZoomNews reports that Carromero cost the Spanish government $3 million dollars and his silence, below is the link to that article with my humble translation of that portion!

  • …”Since 2009, 3 or 4 speeding offenses.” That’s an average of one per year. He was going over 120 km/hr when he lost control. Guess Carromero just doesn’t get it–or at least didn’t get it ’til his reckless driving resulted in two deaths. It was funny that when the evidence of the right-wing “conspiratorical theorists” began to look doubtful, some then blamed the accident on the deplorable state of Cuban roads (of course not mentioning the relation betwixt the blockade and the exasperation of these conditions). And if the road conditions are deplorable, then drivers are responsible for adjusting their speed. This time of the year up in my neck of the woods–Vermont–there are many “flatlanders” coming up to ski from New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Jersey who refuse to slow down when the roads are icy and snow-covered, resulting in numerous accidents and some fatalities. Many of these reckless drivers are, of course, younger folk, and the subsequent injuries and deaths reflect both the laws of physics and Darwinian “Natural Selection.” It was a pity that, due to the incompetence of Carromero, (and his inability to change his driving behaviors after numerous citations) Paya was killed; Although politically, I disagreed with Paya, nevertheless, I respected him for his principled, and non-violent, stance, especially since he chose to remain in Cuba, petitioning the government, and quietly but insistently calling for democratic changes, rather than emmigrating.

  • Michael N. Landis! Actually the 6 points deduction and fine are applied from going 50% or more above the speed limit. The original sheet from the tribunal at Cuenca does not give the exact speed nor circumstances of the offense(s) nor any more information beyond the fine. (see link below) . The fine could be a combination of fines for various offenses. The so-called “evidence” here is not that clear. Reuters changed its reporting from “double” to “over 50%” already. The Spanish top newspaper also “EL Pais” also reported it that way. The fact he lost a number of pints on his license is mostly due to parking offenses in Madrid (42 to 45 of them depending on the source).. Since 2009 3 or 4 speeding offenses are reported. Hardly a “maniac” with a “lead foot”. More importantly: no evidence has surfaced he was ever involved in any deadly (or other) accident. The rumor that his had no valid license to drive because of his past record has also been debunked. As far as the real issue goes here: the Cuban regime is by any means trying to slander the driver of the car. His staged video confession and the constant stream of defamatory claims about him are merely a means of setting the stage to convict him. This is “trial by publicity”. If the US had treated the Cuban spies in such a way a roar of outcry would have ensued. Now people hardly seem to mind. In the US the case against Mr. Carramero would be considered so prejudiced that no trial would ever be able to go ahead. – VIA CUBA VERDAD

    For tribunals information see: (p. 6 or p.36 on upper left)

    160600099076 CARROMERO BARRIOS, ANGEL F. 02658403 MADRID 18.08.2009 520,00 1 RD 1428/03 048. 6 (a)

  • Some interesting things about the “official” Oswaldo Paya “accident” video (see link) released by the Castro “government”! They are the following and you can look at them yourselves!

    1. At the beginning of the video the car is shown with the front bumper all mangled and twisted out on both sides but at 5:00 minutes the front twisted bumper has disappeared. It is obvious that the car has been tampered with due to the fact that it lost its bumper! Was it moved there and the bumper was torn off due to the hauling? Also, if you stop the video @ 5:03 there is a shot of the rear bumper showing a dent in the right hand side. How could this have happened if the car crashed against the tree on the opposite side? Looks like another car hit it from the rear! You can see manipulated photo of the rear bumper showing a very shiny and inconsistent texture on the right side @ 0.22 seconds into the video unlike that @ 5:03 minutes.

    WHY NO PHOTOS OF Oswaldo Pay & Harold Cepero
    2. Interesting that at the beginning of the video the four passengers are identified with their location but while showing pictures of Angel Carromero & Jens Aron Morig there are no pictures to identify Oswaldo Pay & Harold Cepero!! Fear of the Cuban people and others to identify with them as victims and to keep their faces out of the eyes of the Cuban people!

    3. If you pay attention to the eye movement of both the Spanish Angel Carromero and the Swede Jens Aron Modig you can see how off screen they are reading something to help them in their statements. They are very poor actors and it is very obvious they are being coached. In addition both of their body languages tell how uncomfortable they are doing this.

    YOUTUBE: CUBADEBATE: Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas: Testimonios sobre el accidente- Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas: Testimonies about the accident.

    Too many inconsistencies on this video “evidence” don you think so? Worth a look by an independent international team of experts!

  • Mr. Carromero’s previous driving record in Spain tells it all. Any conspiracy theories fly in the face of reality.

  • If only for peace of mind owed to Paya’s widow, I hope that now being in a free country, Mr. Carromero will finally feel comfortable telling the truth about what really happened on that road to cause that fatal accident.

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