Carromero Transferred to House Arrest

HAVANA TIMES — Conservative Spanish politician Angel Carromero was today granted house arrest and will spend this weekend in his home. The easing of his prison sentence comes just two weeks after his being transferred from Cuba to a Spanish prison in Segovia, reported DPA news.

Carromero, 27 — who under Cuban law was sentenced in October to four years in prison for negligent homicide in relation to the car accident that killed Cuban dissidents Oswaldo Paya and Harold Cepero — will soon be released from prison and transferred into a “social re-integration center” where the appropriate arrangements will be made for his release, those sources said.

The leader of youth organization of Spain’s ruling Partido Popular (People’s Party or PP), returned to his country on December 29 to serve the remainder of his sentence. This was enabled by a bilateral agreement between Madrid and Havana concerning the serving out of criminal sentences.

It was understood in advance that the Secretariat General of Prisons, an office within the Ministry of Interior in Madrid, would grant Carromero a so-called third-degree prison sentence, upon the request of Segovia prison authorities.

The PP announced several days ago that the young politician would maintain his position as an advisor to the Madrid City Council, which facilitated his access to semi-release.

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