Castro Criticizes Iranian President’s anti-Semitism

HAVANA TIMES, Sept. 8 — Former Cuban President Fidel Castro questioned the anti-Semitism of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and urged him to recognize the Jewish Holocaust and Israel’s reasons to fear for its existence, in statements to Jeffrey Goldberg, a journalist with the U.S. magazine The Atlantic, with whom he met for three days in the island’s capital last August. Castro also affirmed that the sanctions against the Persian nation will not dissuade it from wanting to develop nuclear weapons, reported IPS.

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4 thoughts on “Castro Criticizes Iranian President’s anti-Semitism

  • I think Cuba might convert to a market socialism, allowing people to prosper, while providing social services, perhaps similarly to Scandinavian countries. China is another example, although they try to control too many things, which really will not serve them in the long run.

  • I’m Jewish myself, though I realize I speak only for myself. Yes, sometimes words are easy to say and don’t reflect a persons true intentions, but Mr. Castro’s comments are much appreciated from my perspective. He sounded sincere and when someone as well-known as Fidel Castro speaks out against prejudice, people will listen and his words can have positive influence. Whatever he’s done politically that I have reservations about, it was a generous gesture on his part.

  • I believe this statement is not propaganda

    “The Cuban model doesn’t even work for us anymore,” Castro told Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic in an interview last week. Goldberg published parts of the exchange on a blog Tuesday and Wednesday.

    In fact it maybe the first revolutionary statement from Fidel Castro in a while!!
    Hope they open the door to all Cubans and begin talks with opposition inside and outside of Cuba.
    We think is important to solve the Cuban issue.

    I am hoping like many Cubans that Cuba returns to freedom and democracy and respect of human rights.
    I am hoping their could be a bloodless transition to a democracy and a healing that needs to take place after so much incomprehension.
    We will like a Cuba for all. A Cuba without exclusions.

  • propaganda.

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