Central Cuban Railway Line Refurbished

HAVANA TIMES — Capital repair has been completed in Sancti Spiritus Province on the Casilda-Trinidad-Meyer railroad line, which is a vital link for connecting the Ingenios Valley and the Escambray mountain range, reported the Prensa Latina news agency.

Severely damaged by heavy rains this past May, complicated repairs were required along 33 kilometers of the line – work that involved various crews from the National Union of Railways and the Ministry of Construction.

The area had been isolated from the central railroad system since June 1988, when a similar flood that year destroyed the Agabama River bridge. This time the railroad track was hard hit on at least 12 places.

The completed work will benefit the transporting of thousands of residents and will help to reestablish trips by tourists coming from the historic town of Trinidad and picturesque Ingenios Valley.

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