Chavez Arrives in Cuba for Treatment

Raul Chavez receives Hugo Chavez in Havana on Saturday night. Photo: Estudios Revolución.

HAVANA TIMES, April 1 — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez arrived in Cuba on Saturday night from Caracas.  He was met at the airport by Cuban President Raul Chavez.

Chavez will immediately begin a second round of radiotherapy in his battle to defeat cancer.

He had returned to Caracas four days earlier after his first treatment sessions in Havana, at the same hospital where he had cancerous tumors removed in June 2011 and February 2012.

The charismatic leader also received several sessions of Chemotherapy in Cuba after the first operation.

Chavez has recognized that he is fighting two battles at the same time, one for life, and the other for his reelection in the October presidential elections.

Traveling with Chavez was his foreign minister, Nicolás Maduro.