Chavez Back in Cuba for More Radiotherapy

Hugo Chavez when leaving Venezuela on Monday night for Havana. Photo: Telesur TV

HAVANA TIMES, May 1 — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez arrived in Cuba early on International Workers Day for the final round of his radiotherapy treatment to combat cancer.

Chavez, 57, said he is “near the end of his radiotherapy sessions” and that he hopes to return to Caracas next week after the initial recovery from treatment, reported Telesur TV.

“These days aren’t easy, but I am a warrior when facing adversity. With faith in God, in Christ the savior, and with the immense love of the Venezuelan people, and with this great will to struggle, live and overcome, I will come out ahead,” he said.

Chavez was authorized by the Venezuelan parliament to remain outside of the country for over five days, a requirement under the South American country’s law.

The charismatic leader had a cancerous tumor removed from his “pelvic area” last June and another in the same place in February 2012.  He has undergone both chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.

No specific information about the location of the cancer has been revealed.

Chavez faces a reelection bid on October 7, 2012.  He has repeatedly said that his treatment to fight a recurrence of cancer will not affect his campaign effort.

Venezuela is Cuba’s leading trade partner, exchanging oil for the professional services of tens of thousands of Cuban medical personnel.  Chavez considers himself a disciple of former Cuban president Fidel Castro.