Chavez Finishes Radiotherapy Treatment

Hugo Chavez arriving in Venezuela on Friday night. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES — President Hugo Chavez returned to Venezuela on Friday night after concluding the last in a series of radiotherapy treatments in Cuba in his fight against cancer.

Chavez was met at the airport by his cabinet; he had traveled to Havana on April 30th.

Without any doctor’s reports available, the only information on Chavez, 57, comes from the president himself.

Upon arriving home he said he had satisfactorily completed the radiotherapy treatment and is ready to face the coming challenges that include his reelection campaign.

“I successfully completed the entire cycle of radiotherapy, as was planned by the medical team,” noted Chavez. “Other than some discomfort — normal during this treatment — nothing forced me to stop, suspend or alter the initial plan, as it is fully completed.”

He added that he must now strictly follow the doctor’s orders “so I can recover from the normal effects, the expected effects, from the radiotherapy treatment.”

The charismatic leader, often at loggerheads with the US, and with Fidel Castro and Cuba as his closest ally, said he was optimistic “that the treatment will have the desired effects” calling on “Christ Savior” and the advances of medicine, to allow him “to be in the front line in the battle to build the Socialist Homeland.”

In the last 11 months Chavez has had two tumors removed from “the pelvic area” and has undergone both chemotherapy, after the first operation, and radiotherapy, after the second, to try to stop any further cancer.

Chavez praised the work of his cabinet in his absence, in working for the social and economic development of the country. He noted that inflation continues to drop “and the economic growth figures for the first quarter (of 2012) look good,” reported TeleSur.

Venezuela is Cuba’s leading trade partner and Chavez the Cuban government’s chief political ally. An exchange of tens of thousands of medical personnel and other professionals from Cuba, for oil from Venezuela, plays an important role in both countries economic and social programs.


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  • There are, or were, expensive health farms in england where cancer patients were/are only allowed to drink carrot juice. it used to be believed that vitamin A was the secret. in america and finland mega doses of vitamin A, vitamin E, and combination A and E were tried with no effect. since then thousands of cancer killers have been found in fruit and vegetables including young coconut juice, cacti, pomegranates, aloe vera etc. but the real secret may be no protein or fat to feed cancer. i may be right on that because there is a new drug in america which prevents cancer cells from absorbing protein. but a vegan diet didn´t help steve jobs. his vegan diet delayed him getting more conventional treatments. maybe he should have tried both at the same time. these kinds of health farms would add to tourism revenues and they could have an anti-smoking program like the seventh day adventists. lots of fruit juice to change to Ph balance in the body and no tea, coffee and alcohol and more fruit and vegetables than grains, beans, nuts and fish, meat, dairy and sugars. francis chichester was dying of lung cancer and he probably wouldn´t have survived surgery so his wife took him to a health farm for the carrot juice treatment. he was soon in complete remission and soon after that he became the first man to sail around the world alone. his yacht, the gypsy moth, can be seen at greenwich near london.

    Cuba will be in deep shit if hugo dies. cuba has become dependent on venezuelan subsidies like the soviet subsidies. the plan seems to be to build as many luxury hotels as possible as fast as possible. tourism and airlines have always had problems with economic downturns. there is no low season with backpackers and gap year students often stay in a country for a long time sometimes with side trips to surrounding countries like from thailand to surrounding countries or australia to new zealand.

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