Chavez Leaves Cuba after 3-Day Visit

HAVANA TIMES, Nov. 11 — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez departed Cuba on Wednesday evening after a three-day visit to the Caribbean island to celebrate 10 years of cooperation between Cuba and Venezuela and make plans for the coming decade.

Cuban President Raul Castro accompanied Chavez to the airport.  The Venezuelan leader met with both Raul and Fidel Castro during his stay in Cuba.

Venezuela is Cuba’s chief political ally and trade partner.

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One thought on “Chavez Leaves Cuba after 3-Day Visit

  • It iz what it iz, and as a African from Cuba i am esp gratefu!l
    No Chavez will never eclipse the leadership of El Commandante..But i am sure most of those who are hoping to return to the days of Trafficante, Lansky and Siegel, can hold thier breathes a bit longer..Siempre maybe? LOL

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