Children Among the Dead as Israeli Airstrikes on Gaza Kill 27 Palestinians

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – Israeli airstrikes continue to rattle the Gaza Strip, where at least 27 Palestinians — including children — have been killed since the air raids started Tuesday. Scores of others have been injured, and dozens of homes have been destroyed or heavily damaged. The U.N. and other groups have condemned the killing of civilians and are calling for an immediate ceasefire. This is 19-year old Mohammad Saed, whose fiancée was killed in an airstrike Tuesday.

Mohammad Saed: “These are her clothes that she bought for the wedding. She wanted to buy more stuff, but we lost everything due to the occupation. We lost our happiness because of the occupation. We lost our happiness and our life together due to the occupation. I lost my happiness and joy due to the occupation.”

Dania Adas was 19. Her 16-year-old sister Iman was also killed in the attack, which had targeted the building next to theirs, which Israel said was home to a senior Islamic Jihad leader. An Israeli airstrike on the southern city of Khan Younis killed the commander of Islamic Jihad’s rocket unit earlier today.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a primetime TV address Wednesday that its latest attack on Gaza was not over.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “We tell the terrorists, and whoever sends them, we see you everywhere. You cannot hide. We will choose the time and place to attack you. We will choose, and not you, not just in response, but in calm and quiet times. The choice is ours.”

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