Chilean Party to Protest Visit by Raul Castro

HAVANA TIMES — Chile’s Independent Democratic Union (UDI) announced that it will carry out “actions” against Raul Castro for supposedly harboring in Cuba the murders of Jaime Guzman, the ideologue of the Pinochet dictatorship, reported the Cubaencuentro website.

Senator Guzman was shot and killed by members of the Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front in 1991, in Santiago de Chile, while the UDI maintains that several people suspected of involvement in the crime are currently living on the island.

For his part, Minister Mario Charroza, the crime investigator for the senator, said Monday that the diplomatic immunity enjoyed by the Cuban president will protect him from any legal actions, reported by El Mercurio of Chile.

Castro will visit the South American nation this weekend to attend the Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean of States (CELAC) and the European Union. He will also be granted the rotating presidency of CELAC from Chilean president Sebastian Piñera.

One thought on “Chilean Party to Protest Visit by Raul Castro

  • Dealing with violence, is really dangerous, and Mr. Pinochet and associated as this man Guzman, not only dealt with violence, but also with tortures, murder, dissapearing of a lot of people, (remember the two Cuban Diplomats in Argentina, assassinated by Pinochet gangs members), Victor Jara and many others.

    I do not like violence and I do not practice it, but accusing Cuba of harboring people who executed Mr. Guzman, even if it is true, is something unbelievable, and more if this accusaation is coming from this inmoral people, that supported and feel very happy with Pinochet crimes.

    Lets ask those people, why they do not ask the USA Government about the harboring of terrorist as Posada Carriles, who blew with explosives (C-4) an airplane with 73 innocent people inside, and more important, this terrorist is living in the USA free, this terrorist work side by side with Mr. Pinochet an associated in the killing people in Latin America.

    The main fact in all this farce, is that this people are following the instructions of the CIA , because the one that is really alone and nobody listen any more his orders, is the Government of the United State of America, and this situation, frighten them a lot. They kno what will happen if this freedom wave keep growing among the people in Latin America an the Caribbean, the Pinochetist like them, will have to get asylum in Miami.

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