Chilean Photojournalist Albertina Martínez Burgos Killed in Santiago

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Chilean photojournalist Albertina Martínez Burgos

HAVANA TIMES – In Chile, photojournalist Albertina Martínez Burgos was found stabbed and beaten to death Thursday at her home in the capital Santiago.

The 38-year-old journalist was documenting repression against anti-government protesters at the time of her death, particularly violence against women.

It’s reported that her recent photographs of the ongoing massive demonstrations against Chilean President Sebastián Piñera have also been stolen.


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2 thoughts on “Chilean Photojournalist Albertina Martínez Burgos Killed in Santiago

  • Where is the outrage of that Scottish guy or the loquacious, omni-present Moses? Just think if this sort of thing happened in “Communist- run Cuba” (It doesn’t).

  • There needs to be an independent investigation into this, to capture the subsimian scum who murdered her.

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