China Makes Donation, Grants Loans to Cuba

HAVANA TIMES – Cuba and China signed three agreements on Monday in Beijing, during the official visit by Cuban First Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel to the Asian nation, reported newspaper Granma.

One of the agreements is a gift whose content was not revealed, the other an unspecified interest free loan, and the last credit agreement for the purchase of machinery and equipment for agriculture on the island.

In previous conversations between the Cuban leader and Chinese Vice President Li Yuanchao, Diaz-Canel confirmed “the high level of agreement of the two nations,” and supported the “one China policy” in cases of Taiwan and Tibet.

Diaz-Canel will meet Tuesday with President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Kegiang.

2 thoughts on “China Makes Donation, Grants Loans to Cuba

  • So, according to the Cuban government the Cuban people have the right to self-determination as well as the people of Puerto Rico, the people of the Western Sahara, – all of which I support – but not the people of Taiwan or Tibet. Cuba is also pretty silent on the Indonesian genocide in West Papua. Sorry, self-determination is non-negotiable.

  • what a combination,China verses Cuba. China is China today because of United States of America. All the business that USA brings to them and benefits their economy , and yet they hate us. Boy if is for my decision I let those chinese suffer, because they are not people with good feelings at all. They are for themselves and hateful, look at Korea another one in the pie. I wish United States destroy each one of them for ever.

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