Chinese Tourists Await a Chance to Sample Cuba’s Mojitos

An Old Havana photo posted on the Global Times of China.

HAVANA TIMES – As Cuba soon begins a three-stage recovery process, across the globe in China a song is drumming up interest to visit the island when possible.

The governmental Global Times reported on June 15th that interest in travel services for Cuba has spiked by over a thousand percent after the release of the song “Mojito”. 

The pop song by singer Jay Chou is the sensation that is attracting rocketing interest says Global:

“The number of searches for “Cuba” on travel services and social networking platform Mafengwo increased 1,113 percent from the number before the song’s release, according to statistics from the platform. And the search keyword “Cuba” reached the top four in the chart for the most popular destinations on Mafengwo as of Monday.”

While Covid-19 cases have begun spreading again in Beijing causing tightened restrictions, and Cuban authorities have not announced when travel to Havana might be possible, the idea of visiting the Caribbean island will be on the back burner.

Beijing resident Meng Ting, 26, told the Global Times that Havana has become her first choice when she is able to go to other countries. “I have collected several stunning scenic spots on the recommendation platform and when the epidemic ends, I will rush to Havana to enjoy the charming city,” she said.

Riding in vintage cars, the music, beaches, and Cuban drinks topped by the mojitos are some of the main attractions to potential Chinese tourists.

Mojito – Jay Chou (Chinese/English Cover) Jason Chen x Lucia Liu


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  • Carlyle, if La Lisa doesn’t change her mind, San Miguel de Padron will.

  • They will await for a long time. One is somewhat uncertain whether having visited La Lisa, Meng Ting will continue to regard Havana as: “the charming city”, but she will enjoy Habana Vieja.

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