Chinese Warships Visit Cuba for Exercises

Chinese war ships arrive in Havana for exercises with the Cuban Navy.
Chinese war ships arrive in Havana for exercises with the Cuban Navy.  Foto:

HAVANA TIMES — A fleet of Chinese warships arrived Tuesday in Cuba to promote military ties between the two countries, the commander of the fleet told the Chinese TV network CNTV.

The ships visiting Havana include a destroyer with guided missiles, a frigate with guided missiles and a supply ship, reported dpa news.

“Fifty-five years after the establishment of diplomatic relations, we share the same ideas, we pursue the same goal as always and follow the same road to building socialism,” said Wang Jianxun, commander of the fleet, which consists of some of the most modern ships of the Chinese Navy.

The warships arrived from the United States after carrying out maneuvers with the US Navy in the Atlantic.

The flotilla will stay four days in Cuba and will conduct exercises with the Cuban Navy. Then the boats will travel through the Panama Canal and visit Mexico and Hawaii before returning to China.

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  • Red soldier huh….remember Tienamen Square, where young Chinese students liking for freedom where slaughterd !!!!

  • I was recently informed that the gentleman on the right in the photo that accompanies this essay is, in fact, a high ranking Cuban admiral who sweeps the piers to earn extra money. Also I, for one, look forward to reading Moses’ comments. He is straightforward and does not pull nay punches. He says it as he sees it. As the Cubans say, “directo a los pulmones.” Moses, keep up the good work. BTW: I am a Canadian. However, I am not a sycophant :).

  • Huh ?

  • Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

  • The only joke here is the amount of time you have to post comments on nearly every article.

  • I am a fan of China and would look to that nation for solution promote good living and survival techniques in masses . The use of food storage markets and establishment of copper driven financial base seems to work as copper is worth aluminumn production as real value, with polymers and energy for survival living and life centered in tight areas.Being aligned with Chinese system can allow for fair bartering opportunities.Of course it is important to secure shippments of base metals from pirates using military precision and fully U.N. sanctions.
    Thank You

  • Cuban/Chinese naval exercises? Did I read recently that China just commissioned it’s 1st aircraft carrier ever? Does Cuba actually have seaworthy combat vessels? By that I mean vessels capable of shooting at anything bigger than civilian passenger ferries. This must be a joke right?

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