Church Warns of Cuba Economic Collapse

HAVANA TIMES, Feb. 1 – The government-announced readjustments of expenditures and its “lack of definition in terms of perspective as well as means” in the face of the crisis could lead Cuba to an economic collapse, said Boris Moreno, priest and master in economic sciences, in an article published by the magazine Palabra Nueva of the Archdiocese of Havana.

According to the economist, the state policy is “kidnapped by the ideological recentralization that wants to maintain at all costs an order of things that suffocates the country,” reported IPS.

One thought on “Church Warns of Cuba Economic Collapse

  • Anyone, not just Boris Moreno, can see that the Marxist hypothesis of full state ownership of everything productive is “an order of things that suffocates the country.” Why can’t the Party leaders see it?

    Why can’t they learn from another Catholic priest, Father Jose Maria Arrizmendi of Mondragon, Spain?

    Another important question is: “Why doesn’t Father Boris Moreno and the Cuban Catholic Church bring the cooperative worker-ownership lessons of Mondragon to Fidel, Raul and other Party leaders?”

    There is still time for Cuba to advance to a cooperative republic based on the modern lessons of Mondragon, but time surely is running out.

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