Cienfuegos Artists Show in Havana

Text and Photos by Irina Echarry

Pictorial diagrams by Adrian Rumbaut.

HAVANA TIMES, July 2 — For Cuba’s capital city residents it’s often difficult to access the work of creators from the country’s inner provinces.

This happens with all art forms and presentations, but recently a collective expo opened that allows Havanans a glimpse at what’s occurring artistically in Cienfuegos Province, known here on the island as the “pearl of the south.”

Five visual artists from Cienfuegos came together to present the exhibition “Punto y seguido,” each one with their own personal voice.

This range is something that endows the exhibition with its diversity, yet leaving as a point of connection the fact that they come from the same province.

A decade ago Grupo Punto drew attention to the dynamics occurring in the Cienfuegoes art world.  Now, three of its former members, plus two other artists, are presenting their works at the Villa Manuela Art Gallery of the Cuban Writers and Artists Asscociation (UNEAC) until the end of July.

Adrian Rumbaut, William Perez, Juan Karlos Echevarria, Vladimir Rodriguez and Alexander Morales offer their paintings and installations in different mediums: wood, cloth, acrylic, fiber optics, plaster, metal, plastic and soil.

Little light shines on the works, sometimes almost none, but this helps to create an atmosphere where the viewer must try to decipher the visual codes of each artist’s imagination.

The exhibit is a good opportunity to take the pulse of Cienfuegos-area visual arts and to confirm the constant restlessness of its creators.

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