Complaint from Fidel Castro Tops the News

Eugenio George.
Eugenio George.  Photo:

HAVANA TIMES — Granma, the leading daily in Cuba, has as its top story today an unusual complaint from Fidel Castro. The historic leader of the Cuban revolution and top advisor to president Raul Castro, explains his regret for not sending a floral arrangement to the funeral of women’s national volleyball team trainer Eugenio George, because he was unaware of his passing.

George, from Baracoa, Guantanamo, had trained the squad for over 30 years. He died on  May 31st at the age of 79.

Castro said that several comrades were surprised by “the absence of a floral arrangement from me at the funeral”, noting that he learned of the death several hours after the fact by reading Granma.

Nearly eight years after he turned over the reins of power to brother Raul, Fidel still grabs the headlines of the official media with every word he speaks or writes.

7 thoughts on “Complaint from Fidel Castro Tops the News

  • Fidel is not fit to be captain of a senior center shuffleboard team. That said, he remains influential in the policy-making decisions in Cuba. At a minimum, he holds a veto for any decision otherwise approved by his lil’ brother.

  • For a person who has always insisted on saying that Fidel is sharing the running of the country with Raul , you now seem to be saying he’s not up to it which is exactly what I’ve been trying to tell you for over a year now.
    Hoist by your own petard.

  • Maybe Fidel doesn’t read Granma.

  • No worries about that. I’m guessing that between emptying Castro’s stoma bag and changing his diapers, his secretary/nurse has got his hands full. He probably gets a daily briefing on the international ongoing efforts to get that Nobel Peace prize before he croaks but beyond that it is probably pretty tough to keep him informed since he sleeps most of the time.

  • Two things can be inferred from this item.

    1. Fidel has too much free time on his hands if he thinks that nobody told him about the death of a volleyball coach was national news.

    2. The national media has too little real news they are allowed to report if they think Fidel’s missed bouquet is news.

  • Moses, don’t quit your day job. Stand-up is not your calling. I actually feel that it’s interesting that nobody informed Fidel of Engenio’s passing. Surely he must still be keeping a secretary (or two) to make coffee, etc. etc….and keep him up to date on current affairs. See…now you have me tossing my hat on the floor for centavos…. but don’t worry, my day job pays much better.

  • This is why Cuba is the quintessential ‘banana republic’. What’s next? This guy has a bowel movement and its front page news? Cuban media has a long way to go.

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