Complexity Conference Begins Today in Cuba

HAVANA TIMES, Jan 10 — Thinkers and scientists from various countries of the Americas and Europe will participate from today until Friday in the Complexity-2012 international congress, which is taking place at the Havana Convention Center.

In this sixth edition of the forum — attended by delegates from Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Cuba, Chile, Mexico and Uruguay — discussion will unfold on philosophical, epistemological and methodological complexity, a new field of knowledge.

The novelty of this approach is its serving as a theoretical tool that seeks to achieve an interrelated vision of the world, considering its social, economic, political and natural processes.

Previous editions have been attended by academics such as physicist Fritjof Capra, and philosophers Richard Levins and Edgar Morin. On this occasion Belgium’s Gregoire Nicolis delivered the opening presentation. Mexico’s Pablo Gonzalez will be in charge of the closing presentation.