Computer Science University under Different Ministry

HAVANA TIMES — The University of Information Sciences (UCI) was “decoupled” from the Ministry of Information and Communications and is now operating under the Ministry of Higher Education (MES), according to a news items issued on Thursday by the Granma newspaper.

“In these new conditions, UCI hasn’t changed its essence. This new move means inserting ourselves into the substantive processes of MES with the goal of training competent professionals and staff, ones who are excellent and committed to the principles of the Cuban Revolution,” said Miriam Nicado Garcia, the head of the institution.

Currently UCI intends to “consolidate the production and marketing of software” in a “more robust, competitive and professional manner” and to expand the international market in which the university can place its products Nicado Garcia indicated.

The school was the brainchild of former President Fidel Castro, who created it ten years ago as part of his “Battle of Ideas” educational campaign.