Costa Rica ‘Loses Track’ of Illegal Cuban Immigrants

HAVANA TIMES, April 20 — Costa Rican immigration authorities have lost track of 800 Cubans who over the last three months entered that country illegally from Panama and had sought refuge there, reported a newspaper in that Central American country on Thursday.

The acting director of Immigration in that Central American country, Freddy Montero Mora, assumes that these people left Costa Rican territory, also in an “irregular manner,” heading to the US, reported the dpa news agency.

The arrivals began with the appearance of 110 Cubans in December 2011, followed by a steady flow of people from the island in recent months.

According Cubaencuentro, the path along which they traveled was from Cuba to Ecuador (a country that does not require visas), then through both Colombia and Panama, finally arriving in Costa Rica.