Crisis Limits Transport Recovery

HAVANA TIMES, May 26 — Cuba’s marked transportation recovery will be slower than planned as the international economic crisis is forcing the government to cut back on investment programs. Yuri Gonzalez, a high-ranking official at the Ministry of Transportation, noted on Monday that plans can not continue “as scheduled.”

Meanwhile, Pedro Ortega, director of the national railway system, announced a reduction in service, reported IPS.

The Cuban government has announced a sharp cutback in fuel use in the dominant public sector of the economy. It is also carrying out a massive campaign to encourage the general public to lower its electricity consumption as a way to mitigate the crisis and avoid the need for programmed blackouts.

With a drop in the value of Cuba’s top exports, like nickel, and the resulting lack of funds for costly imports including food and fuel, the island is making a major effort to increase agricultural production and save energy.

One thought on “Crisis Limits Transport Recovery

  • Tis is what i call good thinking. Its like food verses fuel use. Turning off electricity when not needed, purchasing candles or a heavy duty flashlight etc using cold water to wash dark colors and turning down thermostats etc. These things lower bills and consuption.
    There is nothing funny about darkness especially when it is not necessary

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