Critical Observatory Provides Assistance to Victims of Hurricane Sandy

HAVANA TIMES — Members of Cuba’s “new left” Critical Observatory network visited the eastern provinces of Santiago de Cuba and Holguin in early February to deliver donations to several families still suffering from the impact by Hurricane Sandy, which hit the island this past October.

According to an article published on the blog of the Cuban collective of self-management organizations, two campesino families in the village of Boatswain and six in the town of Baguanos benefited from the donations.

In Baguanos, the donation was made to a local sociocultural project in which a public assembly decided on how to use the activist-collected funds (almost 6,000 pesos, about $250 USD).

In the coming weeks a second delegation will return to Baguanos with additional collections of materials. These members plan to work in solidarity with the affected families on agriculture and property restoration tasks.