Cuba and Sherritt of Canada Sign Deal to Increase Oil Production

Fernando Ravsberg*

HAVANA TIMES – The Canadian company Sherritt announced Monday the signing of a new contract with Cuban authorities for joint venture drilling and production of oil and gas for 10 years, extendable to 2028.

pozo-de-petroleoThe agreement allows drilling in the area of Puerto Escondido, 45 miles (70 kms.) east of Havana, increasing the number of existing wells with 7 new ones, which will operate for the next 2 years.

Sherritt’s president, David Pathe, said “after two decades in the country, we have developed a great relationship with the government of Cuba.” He added, “We are very pleased to announce this expansion.”

Sherritt is the largest foreign oil producer in Cuba, supplying more than 20 thousand barrels per day. The Canadian company also has major contracts in Cuba for the extraction and refining of nickel and its derivatives.

The company’s executives have suffered reprisals from Washington for its economic relationship with Cuba, including being denied entry to the USA.
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22 thoughts on “Cuba and Sherritt of Canada Sign Deal to Increase Oil Production

  • Remember that it was Germany that declared war on the US, not the reverse.
    The US applied enormous political pressure to France and the UK when they pursued their rights in Suez following Gammar Abdul Nasser nationalising the Canal in 1956. The US claimed that the joint French//British action.was imperialism, BUT – when three years later Castro did the same thing as Nasser but to US property the story was different.

  • In case you didn’t notice, the Cuban economy is in a freefall and due to negative demographics, in 20 years Cuba will have more old people than young people to take care of them. The Castros, despite rumors to the contrary, will not live forever and if ever one of Fidel Castro legendary ‘Hail Mary’ harebrained schemes was needed, now is the time. This is no time for baby steps. So if this latest deal, like the Mariel Port, like the moringa and whatever else will not change Cuba, what will?

  • There were several violent groups in Cuba in those days who had engaged in bombing department stores, assassinations and other similar acts which could be called “terrorist”. The 26th July Movement, the DRE, and Batista’s secret police all employed violent methods. So the principle of prior bad acts applies to many people.

  • Griffin, in most state’s criminal evidence codes there is what is called prior bad acts. If someone was caught robbing a bank 5xs before and they say when accused the 6th time that it wasn’t them, that evidence can sometimes come in. So we are to believe that the same people who bombed department stores, movie theaters (during a children’s matinee) airports and centrales, did not, I repeat not, detonate La Coubre, which the GOUSA had tried to dissuade from ever docking in Cuba ?

  • Batista’s men were banned from the Bay of Pigs recruits. However, Castro was able to get several of his loyal men into the group and thus knew all about it. I told you he was smart. You are correct, the planning for the Bay of Pigs began early, in April 1959. By then Eisenhower knew Castro was indeed a Communist. Eisenhower was no fool either.

    Do you have a link to any evidence supporting the garbage truck theory? Let’s consider the scenario: the ship docks port side with a full load of valuable munitions. The stevedores begin unloading. And all of this happens without a military cordon? No, there was a military cordon, because the reports listed soldiers among the dead. They let a garbage truck pull up? What garbage were they supposed to pick up at the wharf? The military cordon waved them through? You swallow that BS? How about an ice-cream truck or the Fuller Brush man?

    The evidence that La Coubre was tied at the wharf contrary to all marine safety regulations is uncontrovertibly true. For you to use the hackneyed phrase “a counter-revolutionary elements” betrays the fact you got your talking points straight from the Cuban propaganda mill. Normal people don’t talk like that.

    Some idiot lit a cigar, or the untrained rebels failed to properly ground the cargo before unloading it. Kaboom.

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