Cuba Asks for Protection at UN

HAVANA TIMES, March 20 – The Cuban government demanded that the U.S. authorities guarantee “the security and physical integrity of the diplomatic mission and its personnel” at the UN after a “dangerous and provocative incident” involving some 30 exiles in front of the island’s mission in New York, according to a letter released by this multilateral organization, reported IPS.

2 thoughts on “Cuba Asks for Protection at UN

  • What was the incident?

  • I don’t know what happened (the IPS piece isn’t on the Internet, that I can see), but 1 thing’s for sure: the imperialists will never give up their goal of World domination, while they still exist as an organized force on this planet — & right now Cuba is a major impediment to those hegemonic plans: in large part because of the example it sets for the rest of the hemisphere, as poor a country as it is. & so these provocations will continue, regardless of anyone’s being ‘reasonable’ or not. The imperialists only understand ‘reason’ as being weakness. This has to be understood.

    & this is a major reason too why the various dissidents & groups are really doing the country wrong — whatever real gripes & grievances they may have, otherwise. You don’t let the barbarians in by the back gate simply because the rest of the village has done you wrong somehow; or you just think that, for some reason. Because burning the village down is not a solution to your personal issues.

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