Cuba Blockade Remains Intact

HAVANA TIMES, July 29 – The United States blockade against Cuba remains intact “in political as well as practical terms,” said Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez on Tuesday when reporting to a legislative committee at the Havana Convention Center.  He noted that in 2008 alone, the US blockade cost the Caribbean country US $3 billion in losses, reported IPS.

3 thoughts on “Cuba Blockade Remains Intact

  • All foreigners think of is the beauty of Cuba. What about the Cuban who only just became able to return to our own home more than every 3 yrs..What about the embargo that for 50 yrs has tried to break the spirit oof the Cuban while starving our babies, what about the foreigners who come to Cuba (men) and think that they can buy the booty of Cuban women for a smile and a drink… What sbout the exploitation of my country by tourists who look at the citizen as wretches, ignorant peones, and whores for the sking? Give me a break..Hail to the Ale ..Obama is a liar and a hypocrite who is afraid pf his own African shadow. and his flip floping has caused more harm than good..Thank the creator for Fidel Castro Ruz who refuses to acquiese our nationhood to the mafia and Pimps again…
    I would rather see Cuba struggle on with the beauty we have ..than become a colony of thr Puerto Rico

    I am back!! blazin and with more fiyah than ever..

  • Ms Harbison:
    With respect>

    Give Obama a beer. He is the biggest hypocrite since Kennedy. i am a AfroCuban living in the US and i have just returned after a 3 week visit to my home CUBA, Trust me and there is no envy on the part of those who really know nuestras Cuba. Foreigners, only see beaches, men see booty and t/A. However, what we as Cubans who care see is terror.
    What we also see is a black man who said that he would sit down and talk with the Cuban Adm. and talk without pre cons? To me an Atty and educator this is tantamount to a broken Promise.
    Now, i agree with not allowing multi nat’s to get thier palms on Cuba because along with the abuse comes the extended racism,drugs and scandals. Also more abuse of the elderly
    I wll return again August 8th for 3 weeks and i intend to do as i have before reach out to the many many homeless and elderly who have kept the faith 50+ yrs and /or have been forced to remain..or chose to remain..

    Envy..?? not from those who…

  • Give Obama a chance…change will come. My daughter and I came to Cuba in May. We are the envy of all our friends. Even the US immigration official in Nassau admitted he wants to go to Cuba!
    I have mixed feelings…trade and travel to and from the US would benefit both countries, but please don’t let multi-national corporationa take over! Don’t ruin the beauty, peacefulness, and uniqueness of Cuba. Don’t bring in a bunch of cars, fast-food chains, and over-the top tourist hotels.

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