Cuba Boxing Champ Stevenson Dead at 60

Teofilio Stevenson. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES — Cuban boxer Teofilo Stevenson, a three-time Olympic and world champion, died on Monday in Havana, the victim of a heart attack at the age of 60.

The news has shocked the island, where the local media immediately reported the loss that has sent Cuban and world sports fans into morning as Stevenson was considered a living legend of boxing, arguably the greatest amateur boxer in history.

In the 20-year career of the “Giant of Central Delicias” [referring to his hometown], he won all the titles of the International Amateur Boxing Association, such that when he retired with honors in 1988, he had recorded 301 wins and just 20 defeats.

Among his most famous opponents include the Polish fighter Ludwik Denderys, Duane Bobick and Marvin Stinson from the USA, Romanian slugger Ion Alexe and Czechoslovakia’s Peter Sommer.

3 thoughts on “Cuba Boxing Champ Stevenson Dead at 60

  • Even weirder, today’s “Reflection” by Fidel Castro in Cuban state media is a tribute to former East German dictator Erich Honecker.

    Teofilio Stevenson was a great boxer. Sorry to hear of his passing at a relatively young age.

  • I met him and had the chance to talk to him and spend time while working and I can assure you guys that he was VERY humble and kindhearted. His fame and success never changed the simple man he was born to be.
    RIP Teo, your people will always remember the excellent boxer and nice guy in you.

  • Funny to see that this great champion got a much bigger story in the Times that he has here in Havana Times

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