Cuba Cancer Patients Suffer from Health Care Negligence

The Almejeiras Hospital in Havana.
The Almejeiras Hospital in Havana.

HAVANA TIMES — Some 80 cancer patients have been without their radiation treatment for two months due to inoperative equipment, reports Fernando Ravsberg on Thursday with information provided by sources at the Almejeiras Hospital in Centro Habana.

The linear accelerator of the ionizing radiation machine has been broken and the Health Ministry finally purchased a replacement that arrived in Havana on December 16.

The part needed to fix the machine has been sitting in Cuban customs for over three weeks and nobody has even bothered to go pick it up.

The negligence of the official involved “is the true face of the Cuban bureaucracy,” said Ravsberg, adding that he would not reveal the name… for now.
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3 thoughts on “Cuba Cancer Patients Suffer from Health Care Negligence

  • hahahahaha this is a complete lie, cancer patients in Cuba
    are well treated and the team of professionals working at the Ameijeiras
    Hospital is one of the best in Cuba and possibly in the region.

  • Those responsible are part of the undemocratic state-run system the uneducated call communism .
    As part of that top-down bureaucracy they are insulated from public outrage and their deserved punishment until the outcry becomes too loud to ignore.

  • Fire him.or her

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