Cuba Carries Out Sex Change Operations

HAVANA TIMES Jan. 19 – The director of the National Centre for Sex Education (CENESEX), Mariela Castro, confirmed today to the press that sex change operations are being done in the country.  Around half of the persons waiting for the procedure have already had it.

Without specifying figures, Castro affirmed that some 120 persons have approached the CENESEX, but up to now only 30 transsexuals have been identified and 26 have requested the operation, reported IPS.

2 thoughts on “Cuba Carries Out Sex Change Operations

  • Apologies for writing in English. Transsexualism is today regarded as mental illness. That is ICD-10 F64.0 and DSM-IV 302.85, and diagnosis with one of these mental illnesses is required as a condition for genital reconstruction surgery.

    Please can Cuba make such surgery available to paying foreigners who have no mental illnesses? Making cash profit for Cuban hospitals and medicine. There is all the difference in the world between being diagnosed with mental illness and being cleared as free of it.

    Cuba’s medicine is almost unique in the world as being advanced and yet free of a dishonestly motivated need for tarring us with psychiatric pathology. Please, help free us from this political oppression. Please provide surgery to Westerners on a prepaid basis without need for psychiatry (beyond clearance by a Cuban psychiatrist after arrival). At least for Spanish-speaking transsexual people who are not US citizens?

    Bogus mental illness was a tool of Stalin, but is now used…

  • Hello from USA. I am a transsexual living in the US. am considering going to Thailand for SRS. but no comitments yet. Cuba is closer and if the results and cost is of interest to me, I might change my plans.
    Can you put me intouch with the clinic that performs the surgery? and has any of the paitents been interveiwed on there individual outcome of there SRS? Please email me with any info you can share.
    again Please and Thank you. Sincerly Brandi

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