Cuba Changes Its Housing Laws

HAVANA TIMES, Nov. 29 – The Cuban government eliminated restrictions and simplified the procedures for renting homes in order to facilitate self-employment and alleviate the housing deficit the country is facing, the official media commented today. A new regulation on the subject authorizes the renting of homes even for persons with Cuban nationality who have permits to reside abroad, reported IPS.

One thought on “Cuba Changes Its Housing Laws

  • The solution to the housing shortage is not the reintroduction of landlordism.

    If individuals in society see that they can legally own rental homes, they may in fact offer such homes to the people. But landlordism is one of the worst bloodsucking attributes of capitalism.

    Why would the PCC think it’s okay to allow individuals to own rental properties, and foment thereby a new landlord class, yet not give legal ownership title to private plots of arable land? Something is screwball.

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