Cuba Customs Issues Recommendations

HAVANA TIMES — On the eve of the September 3 taking effect of new tariff regulations regarding the import of products into Cuba, last week the island’s authorities issued guidelines that include additional recommendations, reported the Café Fuerte website.

The document clarifies that although the value of imports is estimated in convertible pesos (CUCs), residents of the country will only be required to pay the tax in national pesos (CUPs), and items will not be considered “imports” as long as the passenger doesn’t make a second entry into the country the same year with luggage (otherwise they will need to pay customs duties).

All passengers importing items whose value exceeds 50.99 pesos shall pay a duty at the rate of 10 CUPs (or CUCs) per extra kilogram. The 20 kg allowance for personal baggage and 10 kg of medicine will remain exempt from the duty.

Since Resolutions 222 and 223 of the Ministry of Finance and Prices became public, along with Resolution 122 of the General Customs of the Republic, complaints have been raised from the Cuban public and travelers to the island claiming that they do not understand the reasons behind the application of the new rates and the high costs.