Cuba Eliminates Cell Phone Charge on Receiving Calls

Photo: Caridad

HAVANA TIMES, Jan 19 — The Ministry of Information and Communications issued two resolutions on January 16 to reduce the cost of cellphone messaging (Short Message Service, or SMS) within Cuba and eliminate the charge on receiving phone calls.

It is expected that following the formal publication of these resolutions in the Gaceta Oficial, the new policy will become operational. This will mean local SMS messages will cost 0.09 in convertible pesos (about 10 cents USD), which represents a reduction in the rate by almost 44 percent.

This will also include the application of a so-called “Those Who Call, Pay” policy for national cellphone users, meaning that people will no longer have to pay to receive calls from another phone inside Cuba.

Previously both the caller and receiver had to pay.

Other existing fees will remain unchanged: Sending SMS abroad will continue to cost 1.00 CUC, while receiving messages — both locally and internationally — will remain free.