Cuba Eliminates Ministry of Basic Industry

HAVANA TIMES — Cuba’s Council of State on Thursday confirmed the elimination of the Ministry of Basic Industry (MINBAS) and the creation of the Ministry of Energy and Mines, reports Granma newspaper.

An executive order transfers to the new institution those state roles and responsibilities related to energy, geology and mining in the country.

Alfredo Lopez Valdes, who was previously an official with MINBAS, was named minister of the new entity. He will now also be responsible for the Cubapetroleo and Electric authorities, in addition to the Geominero-Salinero and nickel business groups.

The decision for the new ministry aims to “separate state functions from business ones in order to have a more efficient governmental structure and to improve the distribution of activities undertaken by the central administrative agencies of the state,” reads the news note.

2 thoughts on “Cuba Eliminates Ministry of Basic Industry

  • the difference is, that this ship is getting afloat, not sinking; business requires more flexible institutions

  • …it’s like rearranging the desk chairs on the Titanic.

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