Cuba Eliminates the Mandatory Use of Masks

The health authorities consider the masks unnecessary in a new stage of Covid-19 controls.

Havana photo by Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES – The use of masks will no longer be mandatory in Cuba as of Tuesday May 31st, announced the Public Health Ministry on Monday.

The exception to the relaxation is in doctor’s offices and hospitals that require it. Also, in any areas with restrictions due to cases of Covid-19.   

However, masks will remain mandatory for people with respiratory symptoms.  The health authorities also recommend that vulnerable people continue to use them as a protection measure.

The Ministry recommends masks still be used in crowds where it is not possible to maintain adequate physical distance. The decision not to allow people with respiratory symptoms to enter work and educational facilities remains in force.

In addition, food preparation and sales areas must have the necessary resources for hand washing and disinfection must be guaranteed.

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