Cuba Exports Focused on Health Care and Tourism

HAVANA TIMES, April 18 — Cuba is placing its bets on health service exports, tourism and other fields such as academics and computer sciences – sectors which  today generate 70 percent of the national income, reported the Prensa Latina news agency.

The first deputy minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, Antonio Carricarte, believes that Cuban-produced medicines and the advances in biotechnology have considerable potential to boost exports.

Nonetheless, Cuba will continue prioritizing “established products” such as tourism and tobacco, its main export items. In the case of tourism, this also generates a market demand for Cuban industrial and agricultural products.

Carricarte said it is “premature” to talk about expectations related to oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico. He also ruled out any impact of the nationalization of Repsol by Argentina on the ongoing work of the Spanish oil corporation off the coast of Cuba.

One thought on “Cuba Exports Focused on Health Care and Tourism

  • servimed for the tourists has few drugs or other medical supplies. pharmacies don´t have essential antibiotics. it is impossible to find lomatil or other drugs for diarrhea. the cuban medical system is overrated. there are no drug shortages in thailand or india. the international pharmacy in miramar tried to sell me a $56 drug that was useless to me when they didn´t have the drug i wanted.

    Tobacco. the same old thing. hardly anyone smokes cigars any more. jamaica has gone for tea, australia has a mechanised tea industry and australian and peru are concentrating on mangoes by airfreight to east asia and australian now has every fruit in asia including japanese apples. tea needs acidic soil and mangoes take 5-6 years to produce. india airfreights mangoes to america. chile airfreights organic berries to california etc. and everyone airfreights fish to japan. cuba imports fish. green mussels and brasilian mangrove mussels don´t need fish feed.

    Most idiots that smoke, smoke cigarettes or rolling tobacco, not cigars and the swedes are exporting snus.

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