Cuba FM Guarded on Obama at UN

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodrigues
Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodrigues

HAVANA TIMES, Sept. 28 – Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez addressed the UN General Assembly on Monday.  In his opening remarks he said:

“Since the celebration of the General Debate one year ago, important events have occurred in the international arena. Climate change is now more visible and dangerous. The economic crisis became intense and global. Social exclusion increased.

“However, the international community reacted with profound optimism to the change of government in Washington. It seemed that a period of extreme aggressiveness, unilateralism and arrogance in the foreign policy of that country had come to an end and the infamous legacy of the George W. Bush regime had been sunk in repudiation.

“As it was realized at this same conference room, the original and conciliatory speech from the White House has raised great hopes and its reiterated messages about change, dialogue and cooperation have been welcomed. Unfortunately, time goes by and the speech does not seem to be supported by concrete facts. His speech does not coincide with reality.”

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