Antonio Rodiles

HAVANA TIMES — Antonio Rodiles, founder of a Havana audio visual project with guest panelists called Estado de Sats, was released from jail over two weeks after his arrest, his website reported on Monday.

Pro-government blogger Yoandry, had reported Rodiles would be charged with resisting arrest, which could have landed him a one-year prison sentence.

According to Estado de Sats, the unjustified charges could not be maintained by his repressors. Rodiles thanked those who had joined in demanding his release. He said he would immediately work on the next panel discussion program.

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7 thoughts on “Cuba Frees Rodiles, Charges Dropped

  • And, on recent times, ‘real bad’ Arabs on Guantanamo. How could I forget?

  • True, the Brazilian dictatorship of the 1970’s would not have treated him well. But then again, the Cuba of the 1970’s would have been much rougher with him too. The style of repression in Cuba has changed. Back in the day, dissidents would be tossed in prison a the slightest sign of protest. Sentences of 25 years were common. More recently, the regime seems to tolerate some low level of dissent for a while, keeping careful watch on who talks to whom. Then they usually sweep in and arrest the whole lot and toss them in jail. Some are released after a few days, a few more after a few weeks. A few months later, the whole process is repeated: repudiations, arrests, beatings, and release. Sometimes, for variety sake, the authorities like to mix it up a little and have beatings, then arrests and then release and finally more repudiations. Occasionally they even arrange for a nice car crash.

    See? Things are changing.

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