Cuba Gets More Tourists, Less Income

The Callejon de Hamel community art project in Havana.

HAVANA TIMES, June 8 — Last year Cuba received 81,000 tourists more than in 2008 but revenues from the tourist industry decreased by 10 per cent, according to a report released by the National Office of Statistics (ONE).

Canada continues at the head of the issuing markets, with 914,000 visitors, while the number of U.S. tourists increased 25 per cent, to surpass the figure of 52,000, including many Cuban-Americans visiting family, reported IPS.

US citizens (except for Cuban-Americans) must obtain a special US Treasury Dept. license to visit Cuba or go illegally through third countries.

Bills to end the US travel ban on Cuba are currently in the US Congress but they have wallowed in committees for over a year and the Obama administration has given no indication that it would like to free US citizens to be able to visit the neighboring island.