Cuba Gov. Sees Changes in Agriculture

HAVANA TIMES, March 16 – The Cuban authorities will relocate more than 40,000 persons who work indirectly in the agricultural sector, as well as eliminate around 100 state-run companies that are not profitable, announced Minister of Agriculture Ulises Rosales del Toro, reported IPS.

Havana Times will expand on this news item as soon as more information becomes available.

One thought on “Cuba Gov. Sees Changes in Agriculture

  • The bureacracy got itself into these problems by the historic concessions to capitalism and the world maket starting in 1988 and faces the same problems Haiti did when the US started exporting cheap rice their. The US is the largest exporter of food to Cuba which imports 80% of its food and fallen into the trap of cheap subsidized farm goods from the US without taking a loan.

    Closing the one hundred government run farms and moving approximately 40,000 government workers to other jobs, if they can be found and is the wrong path to travel. Improve them don’t close them or Cuba we be held hostage for food from the US.

    Minister Ulises Rosales claimed that the farms are unsustainable in the current economy and cannot be maintained due to the lack of financial liquidity brought on by the international financial crisis, the drop in foreign trade, well it was the bureacracy that started trading with the enemy.

    It was the US plan to destabilize and Cuba fell for it.

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